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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Movies in 2023

AI has been a sci-fi hot topic for a long time now and it’s ever entertaining for viewers. With the world so into tech now, it’s no surprise that AI-focused films have seen a surge in popularity as of late. So, it’s time to dig into the top 10 AI movies of this year! From robots trying to take control of the world to machines that show all kinds of emotions, these films definitely bring something fresh, exciting and brand new to the table.

1. Ex Machina (2014)

— Directed by Alex Garland

Ex Machina is definitely one to watch if you’re into the idea of an AI developing sentience. It follows robot inventor Nathan (Oscar Isaac) who selects Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) to conduct a Turing Test to ascertain whether Ava (Alicia Vikander), a highly advanced AI created by Nathan, is in fact, truly self aware. The film goes at a slow burn, making sure the characters, and the controversy behind the idea of bringing AI to life, are developed to their fullest. Domhnall and Oscar especially really shine in their performances, making this film truly a must watch for those interested in Artificial Intelligence and it’s ethics.

Available on: Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV and more

2. The Matrix (1999)

— Directed by the Wachowski brothers

The Matrix is a total game-changer. It’s this jaw-dropping movie starring Keanu Reeves as Neo, a hacker who finds out the real deal about the world and has to fight with the rebels to take down the machines. It looks amazing with all its cutting-edge special effects that a lot of other sci-fi movies have taken inspiration from. But, it isn’t just an action flick — it’s got this really thought-provoking stuff that makes you question reality, what’s real consciousness and the power of technology.

Available on: HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV and more

3. Passengers (2016)

— Directed by Morten Tyldum

Passengers is totally unbelievable! It’s about two people who get woken up 90 years too early on spaceship headed for a far off planet. The flick is all about the AI and how humans gotta make hard choices when they don’t know what’s out there. The effects are out of this world and the story captivates you from the get-go. Even if you don’t care about space exploration and AI, this movie is still totally worth checking out.

Available on: Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and much more

4. I, Robot (2004)

— Directed by Alex Proyas

I, Robot is a classic sci-fi film that explores the relationship between humans and robots. Will Smith stars as Detective Del Spooner, a detective investigating a murder that involves advanced robots and a mysterious AI system. The film is based on the works of science fiction and explores the idea of robots that possess a level of consciousness and free will. The special effects and action sequences are top-notch, making “I, Robot” a thrilling and thought-provoking film that is a must-watch for any sci-fi fan.

Available on: HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV and more

5. Battle Angel (2019)

— Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Battle Angel is a visually stunning film about a cyborg who must navigate a dangerous world in search of her past. The film is based on the manga series of the same name and explores themes of identity, humanity, and the consequences of advanced technology. With breathtaking action sequences and stunning special effects, “Battle Angel” is a must-watch for fans of sci-fi and action films.

Available on: HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and much more

6. Upgrade (2018)

— Directed by Leigh Whannell

Upgrade is all kinds of awesome: high-octane action, gripping suspense, and a thought-provoking exploration of the dangers presented by unchecked tech. It’s all about a man who — after some near-death experience — receives a killer AI implant called STEM. He soon realizes the “gift” has darker side to it, throwing him into a conspiracy and putting his life in danger — and that’s when things get real interesting. Definitely worth the watch!

Available on: Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and much more

7. Surrogates (2009)

— Directed by Jonathan Mostow

Surrogates is a fascinating film that follows the story of a future world where human beings control robotic versions of themselves called surrogates. Bruce Willis is the FBI agent tasked with solving the crime when a mysterious assailant starts ruining the surrogates. It raises several important questions about issues like identity, privacy, and how too great a dependence on technology can shape our lives. The special effects are amazing, and the story is captivating — it’s essential viewing for everyone interested in the implications of AI and its implications for our future.

Available on: HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and much more

8. Transcendence (2014)

— Directed by Wally Pfister

Transcendence puts Johnny Depp in the challenging role as Dr. Will Caster. A brilliant scientist whose consciousness is uploaded into a computer after a near-death experience. He soon finds that his newfound power is becoming a potential danger to mankind. The sci-fi thriller certainly presents noteworthy questions about the limits of technology and the dangers of playing God. Depp shines as the scrupulous scientist fighting against his own morality.

Available on: Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV and more

9. Ghost in the Shell (2017)

— Directed by Rupert Sanders

Ghost in the Shell is pretty awesome! It’s based on this really famous manga series with the same name, and your mind is taken on a journey with how it explores the relationship between humanity and technology. You’ve got a cyborg policewoman who’s navigating a world of cyber-crime and corruption that is full of intense questions about identity, consciousness, and the potential danger of technology. And, to top it off, the special effects ain’t bad either — stunning stuff!

Available on: Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and much more

10. Automata (2014)

— Directed by Gabe Ibáñez

Wally Pfister was the one steering the ship for Transcendence, and Johnny Depp was presented with a pretty demanding role in it as Dr. Will Caster. He’s a scientist whose consciousness is abruptly uploaded into a computer after a pricklingly close brush with death. But then, his new abilities start becoming a major threat to the world. This sci-fi flick definitely provides great fodder for discussion about technology’s pros and cons and what it means to mess around with the divine. Depp does a bang-up job as the noble scientist struggling with his own sense of morality.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and much more


These 10 films are definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in exploring the ideas around AI in movies. From action films to dramas, they’ve got something for everybody. Some films explore AI in thrilling, thought-provoking ways, while others provide a more grounded look at its potential. Regardless, they’re all sure to leave you thinking about AI, and the possibilities it could offer. So if you’re ready for an exciting and thought-provoking movie marathon, check out some of the best films about AI on this list!

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