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How to use AI for Homework | FREE Tools, Tips & Tricks

AI robot and teacher

We all know school can be sometimes boring, with endless essays or pointless homework. But from the point ChatGPT came out AI exploded with new powerful AI tools for various needs including homework. In this article, we will look at how to use AI for homework and hopefully save you hours!

Table of contents

Bypass AI Detection (Tool NOT needed)

Almost everyone thinks you need to write the words yourself or use a separate AI model for this, but It is much easier than that, let me show you.

First, we will generate in chatgpt paragraph for example about cars

then we will check out in our Free AI Content Detector, how much detectable It is.

AI Content Detector tool

And It is obvious that It is perfectly detected, but now we will try something that many people would do and that is to add to the prompt to make It sound more human, and that is better, but It is not even good.

AI Content Detector tool

One thing I found out when building a whole AI tool about this is that best works making the text less formal, but what does It mean you probably ask?

The text doesn't have to be low quality, in fact when you add to the prompt to make It a little bit less formal, It sounds very human-looking and quite natural as you many times don't speak in perfect formal speech.

And the results also speak for themselves.

AI Content Detector tool

AI Tool just for Homework

Next on the list is one very helpful AI tool just for homework. It is called Omni and It is from you have 3 free entries per week (without an account) or 3 free searches per day with an account.

First go to

Here is an example question that I found on Google, and we will compare what is more accurate and time efficient Omni or ChatGPT. The question is: A car is traveling at a speed of 33 m/s. What is its speed in kilometers per hour? Is it exceeding the 90 km/h speed limit?

Omni answer:

 Omni from

ChatGPT answer:


Both got It right just Omni seems to me better formatted and well structured too, It will first give you a short answer then a long explanation, and at the end also a short explanation which I like, but what I like even more is that It can access web results and It also found the source from where I got the question. You also get difficulty level as well as confidence level which is a nice bonus.

ChatGPT does the job perfectly too just I liked more how the Omni makes It even easier to check.

BingChat (like ChatGPT but with internet access)

Many of you can already know It, but recently, BingChat came out. It is very great AI system as It works similarly to chatgpt (in chat format), but It can access internet data too, which is an awesome advantage compared to ChatGPT, because ChatGPT was trained on internet data till 2021, so It can't know the latest updates and new information.

You can simply go to Microsoft Edge browser, I think also Bing search engine and click this icon.

BingChat icon

When you click the icon there should appear chat compose tab. In the chat tab you can simply type the query as It was ChatGPT, then when you search, It makes nicely blending massage from different sources and you can view them or open them.


and the second future is compose, where you can write different kinds of text ranging from emails to even blog posts, you can also select different tones and lengths.

BingChat compose

I also tested if It is easily detectable and ... It is with 93% probability, but that was expected, so I wouldn't personally use It to write my blog posts because, in the long run, It doesn't really help you in SEO.

In general, I really like It and I used It quite often when I need to search for facts

Best AI Translator

The last tool we have here is DeepL translator, supposedly the world's most accurate translator. It can translate in 31 languages, also translate files.

Let's test It, but because my English is not perfect I will let decide ChatGPT and we will be comparing It to Google Translate the most used translator.

We will be translating from English to Spanish this text: Nature is a captivating realm that surrounds us with its awe-inspiring beauty. It's a breathtaking tapestry of vibrant landscapes, from lush forests and towering mountains to serene lakes and winding rivers. The gentle rustle of leaves, the melodious songs of birds, and the fragrance of blooming flowers create a symphony that soothes the soul. Nature's diverse creatures, from majestic elephants to delicate butterflies, remind us of the incredible variety of life on our planet.

Google Translate:

Google Translator


DeepL translator

By ChatGPT the more accurate translation is ... DeepL.

But don't take this seriously, I just asked chatgpt, both of the translations are very impressive.



All of these tools are very impressive, but remember that this is not any advice for cheating or anything similar, this is for educational purposes only and If you decide to use some of the tools listed here or follow some of the tips here you do at your own risk. I don't want you to then blame me for getting caught :)

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