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Novel AI Review - The Best AI Story Generator? (2023)

NovelAI homepage

NovelAI is powerful story generator software that uses impressive AI Algorithms which handle the story generating excellently, you can just from one sentence create fascinating story that would take ages to write. But you can not only generate stories, but also generate images and even create text-to-Speech.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use so you don't need any technical skills to use It, you just write the desired story in few sentences.

To start you don't even need to create account to use NovelAI basic futures, but for generating images you will need to create account and It is also paid.

Now we can go right into It

How to get started with NovelAI

First you want to go to and then you have two options one is to enter without account by clicking "Start Writing for Free" button or create account.

In this review we will go though with the free version

Once you click the button you will see this page:

NovelAI dashboard

Here you create New Story or go to Generate Images or Text-to-Speech

But for now we want to click on new story

This will bring you to this page:

NovelAI dashboard

From this view you can see we have 3 options

  1. Storyteller

  2. Text Adventure

  3. Image Generation

If want to create the story quickly and most effectively go to the storyteller, because you can create story based on single text input

But if you want to create the story more in move or how do feel about It try the text adventure mode, because this is more like chat experience (constantly adding to the story)

Key Futures list

  • Storyteller mode - This is the primary future of NovelAI. With this model you can create comprehensive stories with single piece of text input. You can here do many things with the text like generate larger story with click of button or undo changes, create title or even customize the text as you want by regenerating It.

  • Text Adventure mode - This is the second mode for creating your stories, but this mode works as chat experience where you just say what should be the next thing in the story.

  • Image Generation mode - When you want to create stories It is also great to have some Story fitting images that really describes the story. And for this is there this mode where you can generate beautiful fantasy-style images. You can use this mode by only writing small text input from the story or your imagination and It create beautiful image in few seconds, but this future is paid.

  • Free trial - Free trial is very great thing in NovelAI, because when you are creating stories you need to experiment and with NovelAI free trial you can get up to 100 generations with account or 50 without account, but unfortunately you can't use that on image generations and text-to-speech only for generating stories.

  • Customizable editor - In the editor interface you can customize lot of this to make It more esthetically pleasing for you, like colors, fonts, or even layouts.

  • Able to write in different styles and authors - NovelAI's natural language processing models (NLPs) which generate the actual story are also trained to write, if wanted to, with different techniques or even in style of different authors like for example William Shakespeare.

  • Easy to use - All the tools are easy to use, you just write and submit the input text.

  • Story encryption - NovelAI claim that they protect and encrypt your work. Basically all the content or stories you generate by you belongs to you and they are on encrypted servers.

Novel AI Story Generation

Storyteller Mode

First and mostly used Storyteller mode

To use It go to the this section on the page we ended before:

NovelAI dashboard

When you go there you will see blank text editor for your story where you can start typing the desired story.

Start typing the story as how It would start and stop when you think the AI would get the point of what should be next and after that click send, this will start writing continue of that story, here is example:

NovelAI Storyteller mode editor

after you click send It will write piece of the story, but if you want more just click the send button again or if you would suddenly like to change how the story would continue you can just write piece of the text in the story and then continue.

It should look something like this:

NovelAI Storyteller mode editor

or if you don't liked the output and want something different just press retry, this will make the last text output different:

NovelAI Storyteller mode editor.

You can even generate title for your story by clicking the button in the upper right corner. This will generate original Title based on the content of the story with AI.

You can do this like this:

NovelAI Storyteller mode editor

Overall the Storyteller Mode is really great and is very interesting how good story It can generate.

Text Adventure mode

Next is text adventure mode this mode gives you something like pleasing chat experience, very similar to ChatGPT, but you can nicely create stories with It.

You can tell what happens in the story next or what will certain character do and It is interesting to play with.

You can use this mode by simply typing the text in the input box and choosing the style you want to write in and you can freely combine them, there are 3 options:

  1. Do

  2. Say

  3. Story

there options are more like instruction for the model what you want to do with massage in the story. Like for example Do - You and your friends are running.

Here is example:

NovelAI Text Adventure mode editor

I would say that this was lot more fun for me then then the previous mode, but this is more, because I played with the modes rather then really use them, but for this is the model made I think, because It would be hard to format then the outputted text.

This mode is also free as long as you don't cross the free trial limit of 50 generations, you can keep track of that by clicking the icon on the left side:

NovelAI Text Adventure mode editor

NovelAI Free Trial


Good news is that NovelAI has a free trial. The free trail consist 2 variants, first is when you don't have account then you have 50 generations, but if you create account you get 50 refilled back which can be total of 100 text generations, which is quite good.

Other plans are:

  • Tablet: $10/per month

  • Scroll: $15/per month

  • Opus: $20/per month

NovelAI pricing


I think that NovelAI is very good Story telling AI that is very capable and the output are very good and even if you for first time don't liked the output you can easily modify It.

It is very pleasing that NovelAI give a lot for free in the free trial what you couldn't at competitors like up to 100 generation with account.

Next Great thing is that they also offer Image Generation, which is for purposes like this, if you want It to use It for generating stories very helpful, because the story without images is not that enjoyable as one with them, but this future is paid.

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