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How to Master ChatGPT Prompts | Full Guide (2023)

How to master promts in ChatGPT

ChatGPT now uses almost everyone all around the world, but not many people can take full advantage of It because they don't know how to write proper prompts. To examine how prompts are important in these systems, you can even become a Prompt Engineer if you want and get hired, OpenAI has many of these. In this Guide, I will tell you how to master prompts, so you can be even more productive!

Understanding ChatGPT Prompts

Prompts are like the heart of ChatGPT and one of the reasons why It is that powerful. At the fundamental level of doing any good prompt for ChatGPT I think is to make It in the following structure:

  1. Introduction to the problem (Example: I'm making code for my new app, It is in Python and I will be making It on Coding platform x)

  2. Description (Example: I want to build an App that shows different colors when I hover over certain obstacles)

  3. Action (Example: Create this code, also explain how the code works, step-by-step, and also make It in code snipped so It is easy to copy)

  4. Fixing (Optional) (Example: If the code has an error, fix It and give me the full correct code. error: ...)

If you use this structure almost with any prompt It should get you from 0 prompting experience to like 50, just use a simple structure and make the prompt comprehensive as It gave the example

How to optimize prompts for best results

Understanding the desired output

First I think is to even know what specifically you want as the output. Because you can, for example, say "summarize this article", but If you add a few more words like "summarize this article in points with 1 or 2 sentences for each point" this way you actually get the real advantage from ChatGPT, because you are no longer reading overwhelming text in the article before, but you quickly glance through list.

Step by step, checkmarks

Incorporating clear instructions and context

Clear instructions can really get you big advantage when using ChatGPT.

For example instead of typing "give the best restaurants near by", try using something more specific "Give me restaurant with 5 starts, more that 50 reviews that in location x or within 2 km away, they also need to have soup on the menu"

A lot of people think that It is better to do these more intense searches step-by-step, but this way you can waste so much time and comes to the beauty when you even read half of this guide is that I was able to fit the probably 5-minute conversation into 1 prompt that took me like 30 seconds.

Structuring prompts for optimal performance

As I said in the first part of this guide that structuring the prompts is another very easy way how to get 10x better results.

Take It this way, ChatGPT have very very great logic in Its processing, but when you just throw text to the prompt with multiple different requests It is very likely that It would have a hard time getting all of them right, but If you just, for example, mark certain questions with numbers, It can give you a lot nicer output.

Utilizing system messages strategically

You can also take advantage of system massages, there can be included in the structure's introduction or generated as separate massage before the rest and add "Confirm that you understand"

With these messages, you can influence the output for example in style, specific scenario, and character, and can be used for example for stories, articles, and more.

For example "Pretend that you are at a park in New York, It is a sunny day, and you are here with friends. Confirm that you understand. You will use It in the next output"

And then tell the actual story.

Structured massage and robot

Using user instructions to guide the model's behavior

Providing instructions on how to solve a specific problem, and which steps It should take is a very powerful thing if you know how to do something, but for ChatGPT It is hard to freestyle It, yet.

Example: instead of saying "Create for me a spreadsheet based on groceries" say "First give me some options on foods to choose from, after I pick one food, create a spreadsheet with 3 columns (name, price, quantity) and list all the required ingredients there.

Formatting techniques for better results

There are many formatting variations you can use, but the best are:

  • Chained prompts example: give me python code for application x and It should take less then 5 sec to generate

  • Word limit example: give me article in 250 characters about dogs

  • Generate table example: give me table of groceries to make pasta

  • Question and assignment example: here are questions: ... and here is text for the questions: ...

  • Step By Step example: give me step-by-step instructions on how to solve x,

  • Generate code example: give me python code in code snipped so It is easy to copy that print hello.


ChatGPT is a very powerful AI that I would say took the AI industry to an absolutely new level, even when now It's only the stone age for Artificial Intelligence.

Many people use ChatGPT, but a lot of them don't really bother about getting from It its best, but you do, which is great, because It can literally take you from 1.5x productivity increase that maybe has the people that never bother with this prompts, to like 10x increase of productivity if you know how to use It correctly.

Hope this guide brought you some value and if yes than consider joining our free AI Newsletter, so you don't never again miss new AI Discoveries and Hottest tools again.

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