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What is DALL·E 2 and How does It work? - All you need to know

DALL·E 2, developed by OpenAI, is a cutting-edge language model that can produce high-quality images based on simple promt. It builds upon the original DALL·E model and the images It produce are beutiful. Lets see your self how far Artificial Intelligence in Image Generation got (Yet).

What is DALL·E

OpenAI's DALL·E 2 is a cutting-edge AI model that represents a major advancement in the field of generative models.

Based on the GPT-3 architecture, it has been pre-trained to generate images from textual descriptions using a dataset of text-image pairs.

With its 12 billion parameters, DALL·E 2 offers a diverse set of capabilities.

It can create anthropomorphized versions of animals, objects, and much more.

What can It do?

Below are a few examples of what I create with DALL·E 2:

1. First Example. I just entered the prompt "futuristic robot" and this is what it generated. If you want to know how I did It scroll below.

2. In Second Example I got It much more harder and detailed image to create. I used this text in the prompt "futuristic robot that is standing and looking to futuristic city with weapon". and this is the result, I think It is really good.

How it functions

DALL·E 2 takes unsupervised pre-training and leverages it to teach itself how text relates to visuals.

This helps the model not only comprehend the structure and sense of the input text, but also identify the characteristics of the images it seeks to generate.

Pre-training is then followed by fine-tuning, a process that involves shaping the model to the kind of task asked of it such as producing images.

Attention is a part of this model as well, so that it can be more pixel accurate and answer the input with greater relevance to the context.

Through this mechanism, DALL·E 2 is able to create visuals that are highly responsive to the input text while still taking into consideration the overall context and implications.

Create Images with DALL.E

To generate AI images using DALL.E same as I did. Go to our Free AI Creation Tool and select Guide me, then select Image Generation from the options and follow the step-by-step instruction to use this AI.


DALL·E 2 is really something special and an AI in Image generation has come a long way and this is proof! It's so cool to think about the potential applications this powerful and versatile technology has. DALL·E's advanced abilities make it also a valuable tool for businesses looking to innovate and create new products or services, such as art, advertising, and more. And I believe this is only the stone age of AI image generation models and we will see a lot better AI Image generation models soon.

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