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Can Artificial Intelligence Be a Threat to Humanity?

AI robot and scared men

Artificial Intelligence is for the past few months starting to really kick in with all the new models like ChatGPT and GPT-4. But some people are scared if AI could be potential thread to humans. So in this Article we will look if the AI could be potential thread so humanity and areas that most people fear.

Potential Threats of AI

There are a few potential ways Artificial Intelligence could be bad for some people:

Lack of Ethics in AI Development

AI system can be programmed with values that are wrong - ones that could result in decisions that are hurtful to people or the environment.

Think of it like this (example): system designed to optimize profits for a company can end up making decisions that damage the environment or take advantage of employees.

Unfortunately this means that the good that AI brings isn't shared equally and those with the least are the ones who will suffer the most.

Cybersecurity Risks

AI is definitely becoming increasingly important and also a big part of our lives, but It might not be all good news in some aspects.

Because hackers have been finding sneaky ways of exploiting AI systems and we've already seen one (example): AI used to manage a power grid got hacked and that caused a major outage.

Plus, if AI systems become more interconnected, it'll be nigh-on impossible to stop cybercriminals from launching massive attacks and that would not be really great so that's why AI developers should also pay attention to this side too.

robot that is looking through magnifing glass

Loss of Jobs

AI could potentially be a huge disruptor when it comes to jobs, because machines could soon be doing tasks that used to belong to humans.

This could mean huge amount of unemployment with a lot of people faced with the task of finding new roles.

On top of that industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and customer service could all be affected by the rapid development of AI which could cause shifts in the economic environment.

But so many people see this as big problem, but in my opinion this would be mainly beneficial for many reasons for example that robots are more effective and can work nonstop, they can do task that don't need to be done by humans and lot of these jobs will be cleared out, but there will be ton of new creative jobs instead.

Bias and Discrimination

AI could perpetuate bias and discrimination (but those could be saved by protection filters), It could be programmed by the humans creating it meaning that it can contain the same outdated and prejudiced thinking as the people building it.

This could have huge implications such as when AI would be used to make hiring decisions.

It could end up discriminating against certain groups of people, like women or people of color, if It wouldn't be developed properly.

This kind of inequality could have awful effects on some people's lives so it is important to make sure AI is used responsibly and with awareness of its potential impacts.

Addressing the Potential Threats of AI

Need for AI Regulation

We also have to talk about AI and how to keep it safe and under control. It's clear that we need regulations (but remember that regulations take a while to set up and by then AI most certainly would be somewhere else ⬆️) the way it's developed if we want to keep AI safe and ethical. That way, we make sure it doesn't go beyond what it is supposed to do for example that AI can't process some personal information.

Human and robot handshake

Importance of Ethical AI Development

It is important to count ethical considerations when creating those fantastic AI systems.

We must make sure that the design and implementation of these systems are done in open and honest way so that human interests are taken into account first and foremost, so the systems are not used in bad way.

Cybersecurity Measures

It's a must to put certain measures in place if we want to protect from the dangers of AI in terms of cybersecurity.

Encryption and multi-factor authentication are two great examples of that.

Not to mention, more research and development in this subject surely brings good things and helps us be one step ahead when it comes to potential cyber threats from AI.

Reskilling and Education

Addressing the possibility of job displacement from AI can be addressed in a range of ways.

Investing in education and training is one ideal option, so workers can acquire skills for the AI-driven world.

And, it's not just governments that need to step up, businesses can also partner to create new job prospects, taking advantage of human specialties such as creativity and compassion.


AI has the potential to be both a benefit and a threat to humanity.

It is important to adopt a responsible and ethical approach to its development and deployment to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of AI. By doing so, we can help to ensure that AI serves the needs and interests of humanity in the long term.

AI is now new like Baby, so we could say that how will AI be from the beginning depends on how humans will treat It.

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