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What is Todoist AI?

Todoist's AI Assistant is a powerful feature designed to help users achieve their goals more effectively. This AI-driven assistant offers a range of capabilities to make your task management and goal attainment smoother.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Goal-Oriented Task Generation: The AI Assistant can generate a list of tasks specifically tailored to help you reach your goals. Whether it's learning a new language or completing a project, Todoist's AI can suggest actionable steps.

  • Actionable Task Suggestions: Make your tasks more actionable with the AI Assistant's help. It provides suggestions for rewriting your tasks to make them clearer and easier to accomplish.

  • Task Breakdown: Intimidated by a large task? The AI Assistant can assist you in breaking it down into smaller, more manageable sub-tasks. This way, you can tackle your goals one step at a time.

  • Task Completion Tips: Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance to complete a task. The AI Assistant offers tips and pointers on how to achieve your tasks effectively.

How to Use Todoist's AI Assistant:

  1. Select "Suggest tasks with AI Assistant" from a project's menu.

  2. Type in what you want to achieve in the text field (e.g., Learn Spanish).

  3. The AI Assistant will create a list of tasks to help you reach your goal.

For task-specific assistance:

  • To make a task more actionable, select "Make task more actionable" from a task's menu.

  • To break down a task, go to the task menu and select "Break task down."

  • To get tips for completing a task, choose "Give tips for completing task" from a task's menu.


  • Helps users create goal-specific task lists.

  • Provides actionable task suggestions.

  • Facilitates task breakdown for easier management.

  • Offers valuable tips for task completion.


  • Limited information on the depth of AI integration.


Todoist's AI Assistant is your partner in accomplishing tasks and reaching your goals efficiently. Whether you're learning something new or working on a project, Todoist's AI-driven features can help you stay organized and on track. Try Todoist's AI Assistant and supercharge your productivity today.

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