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What is Fluency?

Fluency is a conversational language learning platform, designed to take language learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. It offers a unique approach where learners can practice and improve their language skills in real time, receiving immediate feedback on their speech. This platform creates an environment that allows learners to practice a new language from the comfort and safety of their homes, making language learning both accessible and convenient.

Key Features

  1. Real-Time Conversational Practice: Enables users to engage in conversations in the language they are learning, providing practical speaking experience.

  2. Immediate Feedback Mechanism: Offers instant feedback on speech, helping learners to quickly correct and improve their language skills.

  3. Home-Based Learning Opportunity: Facilitates language practice from home, removing the barriers of location and time constraints.


  • Provides a practical approach to language learning through conversation.

  • Instant feedback helps in rapid improvement of language skills.

  • Convenient and accessible from home, making it ideal for busy individuals or those unable to attend traditional language classes.


  • May lack the comprehensive structure of a formal language course.

  • Limited to speech practice and feedback, without covering other language aspects like writing or reading.

Who Might Find Fluency Useful

  • Language learners seeking practical speaking experience.

  • Individuals looking for flexible language learning options that fit into their schedules.

  • Anyone interested in a more interactive and real-world approach to language practice.

Why Fluency Stands Out

Fluency is distinguished by its focus on conversational practice, stepping away from conventional language learning methods. The platform's real-time feedback mechanism is a key feature that aids in rapid language improvement, catering especially to those who wish to practice speaking a new language in a realistic setting.


Fluency is an innovative language learning platform that emphasizes conversational practice and immediate feedback. It offers learners the opportunity to improve their language skills in a practical, accessible, and efficient manner. By focusing on speaking and listening skills, Fluency provides a unique and effective approach to language learning, especially for those seeking a flexible and interactive method of practice.

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